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Taking one's life to avoid suffering - v1 #6 by Rabbi Aaron Cohen

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The 6th of Cheshvan, 5702 (October 27, 1941), was but two days prior to the liquidation of the Kovno ghetto. One of the respected members of the community approached Rav Oshry with a heart-rending shaila. He was certain that he and the member of his family would be killed, and the Nazis would likely make him watch as they murdered his family. He would certainly suffer a painful death as well. Would it be permitted for him to take his own life to avoid this physical and emotional suffering?

Siddur Kiddushin when the bride might not be able to go to the Mikveh - analysis of Lifnei Iver - v1 #4 by Rabbi Aaron Cohen

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On the 12th of Tishrei, 5702 (October 3, 1941), a rumor spread that the Nazis were planning to round up and murder widowed women, whose husbands had already been killed by the Germans. These women sought to marry quickly in order to avoid this threat. However, there was no Mikveh in the Kovno ghetto, and the question arose as to whether being Mesader Kiddushin for these couples would be considered Lifnei Iver, placing a stumbling block that would result in transgression.

Truthtelling by Rabbi Aaron Cohen

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Gezel Akum & related issues by Rabbi Aaron Cohen

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